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Missionary Aviation School

School for training Missionary Aviation Pilots 



Books recently published  "His Wind Beneath my Wings" I and II    Author   Lionel Smith  these books are available at http://www.amazon.com/     then search for the title.  Book is available in paperback and e-book these books are about close calls and mishaps to the author and God's intervention

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Alaska Trip Complete: We heard that Kako Retreat needed a pilot. Sara and I flew our Cessna 180 to Alaska, we crossed the border North of Cut Bank Montana into Alberta... More

Lionel and Sara Smith Founders of Christian Wings for the World, would like to welcome you to visit our web site

Christian Wings for the World
736 Dillard Rd.
Ironton, Mo. 63650

Office: 573-734-2649
Smith's: 573-734-2220

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We need long term workers. If interested please call or email. 

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Workers are needed at CWW 


Trip to Haiti 08  Haiti Pics      Updated 11-22-2008    

Please help us to help other missions this year.
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Mission trip Alaska completed                                                    

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Christian Wings for the World is a ministry providing Christian pilots and aircraft for missionary aviation from its facilities at Dove Field near Ironton, MO, USA.

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For Sale:or offer: Milling Machine

The mission trip to Haiti helped many   Updated 11-22-2008

Free to a good home, German Shepherd, Ebony web pics









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